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How to choose a coffee packing machine

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2019/10/21 15:17
Soonk Packaging provides some tips on choosing suitable coffee packing machine.

Coffee packaging machine is a fully automatic packaging equipment, equipped with intelligent computer control, automatic temperature control, automatic set bag length, automatic stable film delivery, to achieve the packaging effect, so as to improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity. The machine's performance is stable, can complete bag making, filling, counting, sealing, cutting, output finished products, labeling, printing a variety of work.


Coffee packaging machine adopts advanced intelligent microcomputer control technology, is a small automatic packaging machinery equipment, packaging beautiful, high precision and fast. Suitable for food, medicine, chemical products in the loose, non-viscous fine particles, automatic packaging of materials, such as desiccant, monosodium glutamate, washing powder, tea, sugar, salt, seeds, coffee, drinks, granule, cereal, etc.


There are more and more coffee machines on the market, but how to choose the right one? Coffee products appear in the market mainly in the form of particle and powder packaging. Instant coffee powder packaging machine can be used in the processing and packaging of powdered coffee products. The whole machine is controlled by intelligent temperature controller. When the coffee package reaches the specification parameters, the double-light source photoelectric automatic detection completes the sealing and cutting. The sealing effect is beautiful, the sealing tool is not degummed. Its packaging speed, precision and product specifications, packaging type, and packaging materials. According to the common type of coffee products on the market, its packaging speed up to 30 bags per minute, accuracy within the range of 1 mm.


In the coffee bean product packaging can choose granule packaging machine, need to consider more issues. Because after roasting, how long does it take to get the best flavor? How fresh should coffee be? These should be taken into account as important factors in packaging. The storage process should be sealed, low temperature, dark and dry. In general, the preservation of coffee beans is mainly to prevent accelerated oxidation of coffee beans. Avoiding oxidation is the best condition for the preservation of coffee beans. Therefore, it is recommended to add a one-way exhaust valve to the package of coffee beans. Carbon dioxide produced by roasting coffee beans will inflate the sealed package, which will affect the quality of coffee beans. Therefore, the purpose of this exhaust valve is to let air only go out, not in.


Packaging machine continues to high-speed development, mechanical components extremely tired, and with the improvement of society, packaging machine requirements are increasingly strict. When choosing a coffee packer, consider the product weight, production efficiency, energy consumption and handling environment. For the production of a limited number of packaging machine, but also consider after-sales service, because the long-term operation of the machine, parts easy to fatigue, the need for professional maintenance and after-sales service, so choose a professional technical services to provide packaging machine manufacturers will reduce a lot of difficulties in the future after-sales problems.

In the purchase of packaging machine, to make clear their needs: packaging speed, measurement allowed error range, packaging bag size. According to the bag type, the material choice suitable model, this is the purchase basic.

Packaging machine has high packaging speed, precise packaging precision, low energy consumption, not only to ensure adequate production, and can give enterprises to save costs, but also to meet the needs of packaging, which has improved the speed of enterprise development. Automation is also the development trend of the future production industry, where the trend lies. Only by better adapting and changing can we occupy favorable market opportunities and win opportunities for the future development of the enterprise.

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