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How to solve the problem of ultrasonic triangle tea packing machine

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2019/11/01 16:20
Soonk provides the solving methods of Ultrasonic triangle tea packing machine trouble.

Since the birth of ultrasonic triangle tea packaging machine, the machine body from the original multi-section patchwork welding, now the whole 304 stainless steel bending forming technology. So that the whole machine compact and simple, beautiful generous, eliminate the fuselage weld to avoid product dirt residue, more clean health. The overall strength of the fuselage is more than 3 times of the original, making the equipment more stable in operation.


Ultrasonic triangle bag tea packing machine is set automatically, automatic weighing, automatic bagging in the integration of new tea automatic packing machine, it USES the microcomputer control technology, automatic temperature control, set the bag length automatically, automatic stabilization membrane, in order to achieve the best effect of packaging, the ultrasonic cutting off, make out sex and beautiful shape tea production is possible.

Our company's technicians have gradually matured the technology of the triangle tea packing machine, and have a comprehensive solution to the fault:


Fault phenomenon

Failure cause

Adjust and eliminate solutions

Motor does not turn

1. Fuse wire is broken

2. The motor is bad

3. Electrical control machine is defective

1. Replace

2. Replace

3. Check

There is abnormal sound in operation

1. Each transmission gear is not matched properly

2. The CAM or coupling screw is loose

3. The pressure of horizontal seal and vertical seal should be adjusted too much

1. Readjust

2. Tighten

3. Readjust

Poor sealing of packaging bags

1. The horizontal seal mold is not meshing well

2. The teeth of the mold are not clean

3. Improper adjustment of the shaper

4. The stuffing

5. Packaging film quality problem

1. Readjust

2. Clean with a copper brush

3. Readjust

4. Reduce packaging speed

5. Replace

The package is not sealed

1. Set the temperature too low

2. The heating parts are burnt out

3. Bad electrical assembly

1. Reset

2. Replace the

3. Check

The edge of the package is uneven

1. Shaper deformation or poor

2. Improper adjustment

1. Calibration or replacement

2. Adjust

Packing bag sealing clamp

1. Wrong blanking time

2. Material changes and poor liquidity

3. Too fast

1. Readjust

2. Replace materials

3. Slow down

Poor incision

1. The cutter is worn

2. Improper position of cutting knife

3. The pressure of horizontal sealing mold is not enough

1. Replace the blade

2. Readjust

3. Readjust

Bag length is unstable

1. Photoelectric head lens has dust

2. The printing pattern is not clear or stained

3. Set the bag length wrong

4. Bad drive

5. High resistance of molding machine

1. Clean

2. Replace the packaging film

3. Reset

4. Replace

5. Trim molding machine

The material tray wobbles and runs unsteadily

1. The CAM or coupling is loose

2. The scraper is too low to hinder the clamping plate

3. Improper opening and closing position

4. Material plate shaft bending

1. Tighten the screw

2. Adjust the scraper

3. Readjust

4. Change the refueling disk shaft

The blanking weight is inaccurate

1. The feeding and feeding plates are not parallel

2. The scraper is too high

3. Material tray shaking is serious

4. Material changes are uneven

1. Readjust

2. Lower the height

3. Adjust

4. Replace materials


Understand the ultrasonic triangle bag packaging machine fault phenomenon and solution, know how to maintain and maintain the ultrasonic packaging machine, increase the service life of the machine, can reduce maintenance costs, save expenses, for the enterprise to bring economic benefits.


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