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What is the principle of volumetric quantitative packaging machine

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2019/10/25 14:10
According to different materials and different accurate requirements, we can choose different volumetric quantitative packaging machine to meet the different needs.

Measuring cup filling machine is a machine which USES a quantitative measuring cup to take materials and fill them into the packaging container. The measuring device of volumetric quantitative packaging machine is suitable for material packaging measurement with stable apparent density and small capacity. Which has simple structure, fast measurement speed, low cost, but accuracy is low (generally only up to 3 % ~ 115 %).


The device can be divided into fixed device and adjustable device. There are two types of fixed cup quantitative packaging measuring device. The other is suitable for powder material packaging. This device is a measuring device with fixed volume, and its quantification cannot be adjusted. If the quantification is to be changed, the measuring cup should be replaced.


It is suitable for packaging granule and powder materials, which mainly consists of hopper, ration cup, rotary plate, scraper, powder cover, valve, rotating shaft and frame. Its working principle is as follows: the rotary plate drives the quantitative cup to rotate under the action of the rotating shaft. When the quantitative cup is transferred to the bin cut off by the scraper, it is filled with materials, while the hopper replenishing materials, so that the quantitative cup is filled with materials. When the quantitative cup is transferred out of the hopper separated by the scraper, the scraper will scrape the upper material to ensure the consistency of the material height of each cup. When the quantitative cup is transferred to the unloading port, the push rod fixed on the rack pulls open the valve at the bottom, and the material falls into the packaging bag through the discharge pipe. After the completion of blanking, the push rod closes the valve at the bottom to complete the automatic blanking action.


Applicable to powder material packaging mainly consists of hopper, ration cup, slide plate, slide seat, slide seat cover, support, agitator and rack. Its working principle is: the skateboard drive quantitative cup under the action of driving mechanism for continuous reciprocating sliding, agitator uniform rotation to prevent caking material, when the quantitative cup slip into the hopper of the feed opening, inside filling material, not only ensure the quantitative cup can be filled with material, and guarantee its uniform material proportion, when the quantitative cup slip out of his material, sliding seat cover on the leveling, guarantee the expected high. When the quantitative cup slides to the upper mouth of the funnel, the materials inside it will fall into the packaging bag through the funnel to complete the automatic feeding action. The latter is less efficient than the former, but it can better adapt to the measurement of powder.


Adjustable volume cup quantitative packaging measuring device, adjustable volume cup measuring filling equipment. By adjusting the relative orientation of the upper measuring cup and the lower measuring cup, the volume size of the measuring cup is changed to compensate for the difference in quantity caused by the change in apparent density of the material. Fine-tuning can be done either manually or actively, and signals of active adjustment can be obtained based on an inspection of the quality of the final product or the density of the material.


When the material tray rotates, the material in the bin l is directly filled into the measuring cup by its own weight, and the material on the top of the cup is scraped off by the scraper. When turning to the unloading position, the bottom door of the measuring cup is opened by CAM, and the material is unloaded into the container by self-weight. The rotating hand wheel can make the connecting bracket in the measuring cup move up and down on the vertical axis through the CAM to complete the adjustment of the relative azimuth of the measuring cup, namely the adjustment of the measurement volume. Also can use the material weight active inspection equipment to measure the material density instantaneous change of the quantity difference, announced the conditioning signal, driven by the servo motor conditioning organization, to complete the active fine tuning of measuring cup volume.


Compared with the volumetric quantitative packaging design device, the weighing type dynamic quantitative packaging design device has complex structure, slow metering speed and high cost, but it can not only meet the requirements of multi-variety and multi-metering powder packaging, but also accurately measure. With the development of science and technology and the use of combination scale, the measuring speed of dynamic weighing device is not only improved, but also the cost is greatly reduced. Therefore, dynamic measurement packaging as the development direction of packaging industry, will be rapid development and continuous improvement. Of course, according to different materials and different accurate requirements, we can choose different quantitative devices to meet the different needs of the packaging industry.


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