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Why are pet food packaging machines gaining popularity

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2019/10/22 13:48
With the increasing demand for pet food packaging machines, the challenges are also increasing.

Pet used to be jus an animal that people kept for solitude or entertainment. Today, pets are defined as animals and plants that are kept for non-economic purposes. People like pets, not only because they are cute and simple, but also because there are deep psychological factors behind them. They meet the psychological needs of human contact and comfort. Therefore, the existence of pet food was born. Pet food is food specially provided for pets and small animals, which is between human food and traditional animal and poultry feed. Its function is to provide basic life assurance, growth and health nutrients for various pets. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestibility, scientific formulation, quality standard, convenient feeding and prevention of some diseases.


Pet food packing machine is an automatic packaging machine designed and manufactured by our company for pet food packaging production. The packaging machine is all made of stainless steel, and automatically prints batch number or production date. The finished products are cut and torn easily, beautiful and tidy, which is a good choice for food manufacturers.


We first need to understand how pet food is processed:

Acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials -→ feeding →once crushing →once mixing of ingredients →twice crushing → superfine grinding →twice mixing of ingredients →twice mixing → extrusion of the modulating roller → drying → spraying → cooling packaging → warehousing.

The product should be stored away from light under the condition of temperature should below 20°C and humidity below 70%.


Therefore, when developing pet food packaging machine, materials should be taken as an important factor. This pet food packaging machine developed by our company can continuously and automatically complete a series of tasks such as measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, production date, expiry date and counting. It can also perform stepless speed regulation according to requirements, accurate positioning, keep the integrity of the pattern, three bags of cursor abnormal automatic shutdown. This machine also has the ability to record and display the shift output, the accumulated output, the temperature when the equipment is hot sealed, the machine can continuously record the running time, the machine can stop automatically after the equipment has finished the packing quantity of each product, the automation technology is very high.


For pet food packaging, according to different pet types, different taste into a variety of packaging types. The main materials are OPP/CPP PET/PE and other composite materials. In the face of numerous material packaging, pet food packaging machine can be used in the equipment. Its stable and efficient, suitable for a variety of material packaging types.


The equipment belongs to particle packaging machine, with high degree of automation and stable parameters. The blanking is controlled by precise electric eye, and the packing is completed automatically. 15-60 bags per minute according to specifications. The machine is easy to move, occupies small space area, can be used for single machine and delivery line seamless docking, strong applicability. In addition, the corresponding scheme can be formulated according to the size of the manufacturer's production workshop. In addition to pet granulated food packaging, this device can also be used for other food packaging, such as: rice, grains, nuts and so on.


There is a growing demand for pet packaging machine in the market, and people have higher technical requirements on pet food packaging machine. Therefore, only by constantly improving the product performance and making the product more safe and secure to use, can we get the affirmation and support from customers.

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