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1kg-5kg Frozen Ice Cubes Packing Machine

basic information
Vertical packing machine

Main Features

1. SK-L820: Forming bags, sealing, packing, printing date in one operation;

2. 2 heads screw weigher: Automatic weighing target weight by combination hoppers, filling into bags;

3. Elevator: Elevating each small hopper's product to the top of 2 head screw weigher; Vibrator hopper: Workers pull product into the hopper, vibrating product into each small hoppers; 

4. Finished bags conveyor: Conveying finished bags output;


Full automatic packing machine for ice cube, special desiged for ice cub packing, frozen water, clear ice cube packing. It is full automatic weighing filling sealing machine. It can pack 1kg, 2kg, .... 8kg. Machine can choose PE film, it is good to pack ice cube in big bag. Not only can pack ice cube, but also can pack frozen fruit piece, frozen meat small piece.

  Model SK-L820
Main machine
Bag width range 200-400mm
Bag length 200-700mm
2 head screw weigher Weighing range 1-8kg
Accuracy /+-1%
Sysyem Screw weighing system
Material elevator Height  L1800*W800*H3600mm
Type Bucket tye elevator
Convey products Frozen Ice cube
Output conveyor Belt convey type  
Usage Conveying the finished bags 

Detailed Images 

Machine Parts

1. Name: Servo motor driver/  PLC / Cylinder

Brand: Schneider / Mishubishi / Airtac

Original: Germany / Japan / Taiwan

Imported brand parts, working more stable. Packing more smoothly in the whole process.


2. Name:  Film install stucture system
Operation:  Easy
Date printer: Including

Electronic eye mark tracing: including 

Optional puncher hole device: for air exhaust


3. Name:  Film install stucture system

Design:  Special design for ice cube packing
For forming the film smoothly and avoide the ice water wet the bag film.
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