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SK-C190 Drip coffee/tea bag packing machine

basic information
Vertical packing machine


1. Stainless steel exterior decoration, all parts in contact with the packaged materials are made of 304 stainless steel, in accordance with QS and GMP health standards.

2. The computer touch screen is used to control the operation of the whole machine. It displays the man-machine interface in Chinese and English.

3. PID independent temperature control controller is adopted, the control temperature is accurate, simple and easy to adjust, the packaging seal is beautiful and smooth, the sealing quality is good, and it can be applied to a variety of packaging materials.

4. The inner bag sealing paper adopts fiber optic tracking and positioning, while the outer bag sealing paper is controlled by stepper motor and tracked and positioned by photoelectric eye. The bag making is beautiful.

5. Operation process of this machine: material weighing and measurement, inner bag making, material filling, inner bag sealing, outer bag making, inner bag filling into outer bag, outer bag sealing, outer bag production date, batch printing, finished product counting and output.

6. The additional device can complete the functions of flat cutting, date printing, easy tearing, nitrogen filling, vacuum feeding and vibrating feeding.

7. It adopts the measuring cup volume method and is equipped with a balance lifting frame, which can be adjusted up and down slightly while keeping the gram weight stable.



Suitable for disposable packaging of small particles such as tea, coffee, rhizome of Chinese herbal medicine, etc.




SK-C190 Drip coffee/tea bag packing machine

Measuring range


Outer bag size

(L)80-120mm  (W)75-95mm

Inner bag size

(L)50-75mm  (W)45-80mm

Packaging speed




Machine weight


Machine size



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