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Vertical Ultrasonic Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine

basic information
Vertical packing machine


1. Compact structure, firm, reasonable design, simple.

2. From automatic metering, bag filling, sealing and cutting to product output, it can be completed in one time.

3. The machine can automatically complete the functions of blanking, measuring, bag-making, sealing, cutting, counting and finished product conveying.

4. High accuracy, low noise and low failure rate.

5. It can be used for flat bag packaging, triangular three-dimensional packaging and other bag types, with novel and chic design.

6. Applicable packaging materials, nylon, PET, non-woven cloth, corn fiber.

7. The seal adopts the unique ultrasonic seamless seal, which is compact, hygienic and safe. It can reduce the excess edge of the seal and read it quickly.


Suitable for packing tea, medicinal tea, health tea, tieguanyin, green tea, longjing, damaofeng, wuyishan da hong pao, rose tea, ginseng tablets, green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee, Chinese tea, health tea, Chinese herbal tea, granules and so on.


Measuring range


Packaging speed


Inner bag size

(L)60-80mm (W)40-80mm

Machine weight




Machine size


Air supply





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